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-For people who do not like exercising in a gym, there are other alternatives that may be more fun They can leverage and extend the walks in the park or on the beach or the countryside taking meal or snack and to better control what you eat.

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Always use the stairs instead of the elevator. Each step helps and improves the functioning of your heart. Get off the bus or subway one or more stops early and walk the way complete. Try exercising on exercise bike while watching some TV usually viewed from the couch.
Popular Diets

View a detailed study of each:

Cerenciales Diets

Vegetarian and macrobiotic diets

Diets dissociation

The most important

It is a balanced diet. Take our test and find out which is the case. See also the following articles:

Staple foods: The food pyramid

The basic nutrients

How do you know?

"The sweet fattening than chocolate": True or false? Take our test and see.


12-It is relatively common to see weight loss becomes a dangerous obsession and can fall into an eating disorder. Read about the main

Anorexia nervosa

Bulimia nervosa

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