Finally A Diet To Lose Weight Based On The Ham And Red Wine

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Ruben Bravo, an expert in Naturopathic Nutrition European Medical Institute of Obesity (IMEO), made a ham-based diet and red wine 'good for the palate and good for the heart', which allows you to lose between 4 and 6 kilos in 4 weeks, depending on body composition, sex and physical activity of the person but the most important is "they will eat varied and every day will have wine and ham."

The idea arose because, with the day to day of seeing patients "you realize that many of them and, above all, in our society who are out to eat or a drink to celebrate anything," the people need a diet which does not have "the feeling of being on a diet" and proceeded to develop a diet that "were not strict, you could do both outside and inside the house, which was full of delicious food and, in turn, allow lower weight was balanced and good for health. "

The benefits of red wine and ham
Taken in moderation and in a table of compatible foods, ham and red wine are two products beyond taste, have many other beneficial qualities for the heart for its cardiovascular effect "that prevent disease and promote the factors measuring some better conditions, "stresses Rubén Bravo.

Red wine 'can greatly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's or dementia, "in addition to their" ability to delay cellular aging body', so for thousands of years has been attributed to the effects of elixir long life.

Moderate consumption of wine with food produces a "slight decrease in blood pressure and central nervous system" which ends up producing a sense of sleepiness and relaxation, "very suitable for those with insomnia or excessive stress."

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