Frustration At Not Losing Weight: 5 Misconceptions That Make A Diet Fail

Published on by Matt Traverso

The frustration at not losing weight despite efforts is common among people who face a diet. A specialist listed the most common mistakes and how to counter them.

At breakneck pace of growth rates of overweight and obesity in our country increased in recent years the "magic formula" that aim to produce immediate reductions in weight and with the least possible effort. This multiplicity of options many people created confusion as to the healthiest implemented to ensure effective results feeding practices.

This confusion has led thousands of people to assemble and as homemade diets, many unscientific, which eventually lead to frustration for not show results in the short term.

However, it is important to note that the success of any diet depends on the implementation of certain very clear habits and the elimination of unfavorable feeding practices for lowering weight.

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In other words, regardless of the name of the diet that is made, there are very specific tenets of what to and what not to do when starting a weight reduction process.

Five erroneous paradigms that lead to failure
In this context, there are at least five common paradigms that are enemies of the diet because they can take the person out of frustration for lack of results and the consequent abandonment of the process. These are:

Eat and what not. When you spend more than four hours without eating, stop having appetite to start being hungry. That's why we insist so much on the importance of not spending more than four hours without eating.

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