Reducing the calorie percentage

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Thus, a greater feeling of satiety was obtained after ingestion of a low-calorie menu with bread at 60 and 90 minutes after consumption, compared to the feeling you had women who ate the same menu with other sources of carbohydrates, such as rice or pasta with bread group also approached for the recommended number of grain servings group, while the group without bread increased the discrepancy with the recommendation.

Moreover, an increase in meat consumption in the group without bread, even though the consumption of sugars and fats are reduced in both groups, the decrease was only significant in the group with bread was observed. The researchers concluded that the exclusion of bread in the diet may shift towards group’s intakes of meat and fats and adversely affects the balance of diet and caloric profile.

The group followed the diet with bread significantly improved its energy profile and approached nutritional guidelines set by the experts, which reduced the percentage of fat and increased intake of carbohydrates.

This approach to nutritional objectives not attained the group without bread, which despite achieving the desired caloric reduction, the energy profile remained unchanged, according to study findings. EFe

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