Reverse Your Diabetes-Decrease the calories you eat

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For most people it is beneficial to make a healthy diet and consume fewer calories. No radical changes are needed in the diet that can weaken and discourage the person, as this facilitates the cycles of weight loss followed by rapid recoveries of lost weight, even above the starting weight.

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Perhaps most important is to reduce fatty and sugary foods such as meats, cheeses, some meats, pastries, etc. ... and eat more vegetables and fruits. Eat 300-500kcal less per day can produce a weight loss of up to ½ kg per week. This is a realistic goal, which if sustained for a year would mean a loss of 22kg.

Drink water instead of juice or carbonated beverages or beer, drink water before meals, avoid fill, always take first dish salads or soups, snacks and avoid taking smaller portions help you lose weight without drastically changing your diet. The important thing is to follow a balanced diet.

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You Decrease the calories you eat

also limit snacking and consumption of Alcohol. All these modifications will help improve your health.
Keep track of your weight

Be aware of changes in your weight over time and keep track of your progress by weighing yourself once or twice a week before breakfast.

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