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Can be slower, but is safe, and prevents that you arrive to "bind" quickly.

2 How can I lose weight for ever, no "rebound" effect?
The most common reason for the "rebound" effect, is when a very strict plan is, and after slowly is they come back to previous habits.
It should be noted, is that if you want to lose weight forever, you must change eating habits, and not simply ¨hacker a diet¨.

Any "diet" who knows how it will maintain in the long run, it is logical that it will lead to a rebound, when they can no longer with her.

Furthermore, as explained above, the body adapts quickly to the restrictions, so it becomes "stuck" and when they consumed a little more heat, easily returns to the initial weight or a little more.

Therefore, the best is always gradual weight loss. It is better to go slowly, but surely.

Small changes that knows that it can go while maintaining through time, are those who go to prevent it from stagnating!
Half pound loss per week (250 g), is what has been found as the most successful in the long term, to avoid the quick rebound.

In a month, this represents a loss of 0.9 kg. This for 52 weeks, would represent 11.8 kg in one year. Considering that most people who embark on weight loss a year rather have recovered what was lost, opt for patience.

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